Friday, May 31, 2013

Norfolk Excursion

Norfolk and I have a deal. I stay out of it; it doesn't make me get lost. But I had a health sciences librarian certification thing to do at EVMS (Eastern Virginia Medical School) which just so happens to be in Norfolk. I promised Norfolk it would be a quick in-and-out situation; I would take the most direct route from the interstate, and get right back on it at the end of the day. In return, Norfolk allowed me to know exactly where I was the whole time I was there!

It was a two-day class, so after a successful trip to Norfolk yesterday, I got a little cocky today and thought I could stop by a few neat places to take photos. Norfolk guffawed heartily at this plan, and conjured a combination of traffic and parking situations that made those plans impossible to carry out.

TL;DR version: I didn't get all the photos I wanted in Norfolk. But here's what I did get:

The library at EVMS

One of the many beautiful churches in Norfolk; this one was walking distance
from EVMS, so I strolled past at lunch

Remember the Virginia Beach dolphin? Here's a Norfolk mermaid!
I know it's hard to see Clyde under her arm, but it's even harder to see
the Caduceus on her - ahem - chest

Okay, this was my last-ditch effort to get a photo of the ENORMOUS
Carnival cruise ship (what looks like a building on the right)
in the port next to Nauticus (a museum). I tried to park
in the roundabout in front of Nauticus, but there was security guiding people through
because of all the cruise passengers, so I couldn't stop.
So this was from a red light, through the back of my car, further down the road.
I'm sure I'll find another time to go into Norfolk and get photos of the other things I wanted to see (most notably, the battleship at Nauticus, and some of the neater Norfolk mermaids).

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  1. LOL I thought that *was* a building! I'll have to see if I can get some shots down at the Port of Tampa since we have cruise ships that dock there too.

    Sorry Norfolk befuddles and confounds your attempt at pictures! ;)