Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wedding Crafting: Bouquets

For our wedding (next March) we are having no flowers... just wire-and-crystal "flowers." Fiance set up this rig and is working on making several of the "sprigs" today. Clyde, of course, is helping!

One completed sprig
(see how it's twisted wire, with a tiny Swarovski crystal on the end on the left?)

He folds the wire in half, adds the crystal at the bend, hooks it onto the hook at the bottom left,
clamps it into the vice on the right (behind Clyde) and cranks until it's done!

A wider shot of the whole rig (the tiny tin to the left of Clyde is full of
tiny green Swarovsky crystals!)

More photos of this definitely to come when we start combining all the sprigs into bouquets (and smaller ones into boutonnieres!) 

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  1. Oh yeah I get what you're doing! I've twisted wire before with an electric drill in a similar fashion. Can't wait to see how it turns out!