Sunday, May 26, 2013


Fiance's dad grows oysters under the dock at the house. Not only are they good for eating (in other people's opinion... I'm not a fan) but they're good for the Bay, because they're little water filters! Fiance's friends J & L are in town for the weekend, so we went out to the dock last night to try to fish. (It was too cold to catch anything, and we only saw a handful of jellyfish and minnows, a teeny tiny blue crab, a heron across the water, two raccoons fighting - which we heard rather than saw - and two guys on a speedboat.)

These are sea grapes, or sea squirts. They grew all over the oyster pod and this rope.
They won't grow above the water line because they're filter animals like oysters. They fill with water
and stay puffed out like this until they dry out or get burst (by stepping on them or
poking them too hard. Ours aren't half as pretty as the photos on Wikipedia.

Clyde and the oyster basket. It's too blurry to tell, but there are quite a few
sea squirts on here, too.

(Same photo with the flash. It was about 9pm so the lighting was less than ideal.)

Some of the oysters that came out of the basket!

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