Sunday, May 5, 2013


Not real dolphins, mind you. Despite the fact that we have dolphin tours at the beach here, I have never seen a dolphin in the water. Then again, I've never been on a dolphin tour... But I digress.

Several years ago, the city of Norfolk decided to start putting up mermaids everywhere. Apparently some other city was doing this with their own mascot, and it was becoming trendy. Local artists decorate the mermaid blanks (approximately life-size, posed in the way they are in the city's logo) to be put up all over the city. For example, they painted one to look like she was wearing a Norfolk Admirals hockey jersey, put a helmet on her, and put her in the Norfolk Scope, where they played.

Virginia Beach got in on the action by doing the same thing, but with dolphins. Personally, I think the mermaids were a much bigger deal, and the dolphins looked kind of like an afterthought, but they're still all over the place.

TCC (the school I'm a librarian at) has their very own dolphin on campus, and Clyde hopped up on top of it for a photo today:

(Fun fact: He actually fell off into one of those little grassy plants right after the photo was taken... but it looked like a soft landing; I think he was okay.) The thing on the middle of the dolphin is TCC's logo. It's all quite sparkly in person, in the right light.

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