Sunday, June 16, 2013

Clyde Rolls for Initiative

So, Fiance and I are finally starting to play Dungeons & Dragons. We've talked about it several times over the years, and this time, I bought the books and an assortment of dice, plus some crafting supplies to use as battle grids. Clyde has been helping me write a campaign (and playing with the dice...):

So colorful! So fun!
Here, we're trying out a battle grid for two rooms I set up, to make sure
it works the way I want it to.
If you're curious, I got the mirrored tiles in the candle aisle at the craft store. They're 3/4 inch (which is smaller than the D&D usual, 1-inch). I found the same exact thing (a baggie of 15 3/4-inch mirrored tiles) in the mosaics aisle, for 3 times the price. Weird! The markers are those glass things you put in vases (or turn into glass marble magnets) that I've had around forever. I have lots of colors, so it works out nicely, to distinguish types of monsters, or which playing character is which. Also, bonus to the mirrored tiles: we can write on them with dry erase markers! The two on the far left have little symbols in green that are supposed to indicate fountains.

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