Friday, October 11, 2013

Anana is home!

Oops... I forgot to write a farewell post for Clyde. But I sent him home, and he made it there safely with all of his souvenirs intact. And now Anana is home as well! Look at all the awesome stuff Miss M sent back with him!

Postcards! A patch and a bottle with prehistoric shark teeth from the Florida Aquarium! Gummi sea creatures (and other gummi candy)! A mug from the Sunken Garden! A pineapple glass! A Disney lollipop! Magnets! The decoupaged ampersand (with a page from an old French book, I might add)! A sketchbook from the Pier! A bag (totally obscured by other stuff) and pin from Busch Gardens! A shell keychain and some seashells! And of course the photo album, which is beautiful!

And... perhaps my favorite... my very own tree pendant! She makes these in all sorts of styles and I love them all and now I have one of my very own!!! Obviously I will be wearing it to work tomorrow... and the day after that... and the day after that... and basically forever.

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  1. :) Glad you like! I figured since it was just your birthday, I'd send a tree your way as a belated birthday gift.

    Thanks for the fun round of LV!