Monday, August 26, 2013

New Library!

So, after the grand opening events and a week of being open, I finally got a bunch of photos of Clyde in the new library! To explain a little bit, we're now a joint-use library, meaning the community college collection (and reference desk and classrooms) is upstairs and the public collection (with the children's room) is downstairs.

This is in the children's room... this installation is SO MUCH FUN!

At my spot at the reference desk, ready to answer questions!

Self-check-out station (which might work better if you had some books, Clyde!)

This booth seating may look like a restaurant, but it's part of
our downstairs computer lab (you can see the computers in the back)

The upstairs computer lab (what I see from the desk)

Some of our comfy new seating

We've had lots of people literally walk in, their jaws drop, and they go "wowwww..." I love going to work!!!

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