Saturday, July 13, 2013

Clyde in PARIS: Day 1

Clyde and I are in PARIS! Yes, that's right folks: PARIS. Check out the view from our balcony (you can see le Cafe des Deux Moulins, famously known as the cafe from Amelie):

We arrived at 1pm (after 12 hours of travel, with driving to DC, flying to Iceland, switching planes and flying to Paris, most of which was not conducive to sleeping, and I don't handle plane landings very well - they make me feel sick - so I didn't take any plane/airport photos, and we napped when we got here). After the nap, we wandered around Montmartre to familiarize ourselves with the area, and had a lunch pieced together from the markets on our street. Lunch included the most amazing, flavorful strawberries & raspberries we've ever eaten:

Also, baguettes, cheeses, and roasted chicken. Then we watched some French TV, and had a dinner similar to lunch, then wandered around some more after dark. And I ordered a crepe (with Nutella, of course) and a Coke from the guy on the corner! (I was a French major and have never been to France before... the sense of accomplishment I got from this minor task was ridiculously awesome... not to mention, the crepe was AMAZING.)

Anyway, it's already past midnight here (though I'm posting in Virginia time still, so this will show as Saturday evening) so it's Bastille Day! There are already some celebrators in the streets, and the occasional feu d'artifice (firework) and the next 24 hours promise to be CRAZY!

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